Monthly Archives: December 2011

Borodino and the War of 1812 by Christopher Duffy

I read this after reading his book about the Soviet assault on Germany in 1945, and wanted to explore some of his other books. It gives a perfectly well balanced description, but it seemed a bit more of an old-style military book.

Red Storm on the Reich: The Soviet March on Germany 1945 by Christopher Duffy

I bought this in Pages for All Ages in Champaign in 1994, but I’ve read it several times, this is the most recent.

Yes, it is a stereotypical male war book, but it is well written and seems to give a good insight into military operations of the period.

The story of the end of German East Prussia and how it fits into the changing times with the onset of the Cold War and the downfall of the Nazi regime is fascinating. This book adds to my understanding of what was obviously a terrible time.