Monthly Archives: December 2014

Flesh Wounds by David Holbrook

This novel describes a young Cambridge undergraduate from 1942 through call-up, training in the army and as a tank officer followed by actual service. He takes part in the landings in Normandy and in the early battles before being wounded. He rejoins in war at the very end, before leaving and returning to civilian life. The books ends quite soon after.

I started to read it after hearing about it being described as an effective portrayal of war, which it was. It was very much a British view, compared with the Norman Mailer book I read recently, which gave an American view.

I also realized that I had started to read it before, many years ago (30?) but hadn’t finished it.

Britain BC: Life in Britain and Ireland before the Romans by Francis Pryor

This describes knowledge of human existence in Britain and Ireland starting with the Paleolithic and moving through Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and ending with the Iron Age. I was not familiar with all of the archaeological details. Some of the things I found interesting were that while human habitation is old (around 650,000 years ago), it is not continuous. Also I was not familiar with the details of the land bridge to the continent and how recent that was. The story of the introduction of farming is interesting.

I had read this before, but decided to re-read.

It made me want to visit Avebury and surrounds.